More than ever, we understand that you need reliable, flexible and secure solutions. Your key requirements are to improve the patient experience, nursing workflow, clinician mobility and care at home. And with the recent acceleration of remote care, you need the right technology to facilitate and sustain change. At Softcat, we provide solutions using iPad and apps that enable you to keep up to date with modern practices, increase the efficiency of your care provision, and ultimately future proof the performance of your healthcare organisation.



We work closely with NHS Trusts, which means we know how to help you deploy Apple technology for the first time – or refresh your existing devices and keep you running with the latest OS. By listening to your users, we can assess your environment to identify gaps and opportunities for innovation. We can then recommend the right Apple technology to meet your needs and match it with smart thinking and proven services to create an impactful Apple strategy. By leveraging Apple Financial Services, we can help you reduce costs, save time and eliminate roadblocks when deploying and maintaining iPads.


With Apple Financial Services, you can free up capital and keep your costs low by accounting for the high residual value of Apple devices up front. Along with the NHS’ Spark Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS), which streamlines the procurement process to enable access to technologies that provide care to patients from home, it’s easier than ever to adopt Apple technology. Our dedicated Apple Practice will help you make informed decisions to unlock the true value of the Apple ecosystem within healthcare.


From provisioning to inventory management and logistics, we take a holistic approach to any Apple solution – and we have tried and tested methods to make the deployment as smooth as possible. By leveraging Apple Business Manager, we can tailor the implementation strategy to meet your hospital or healthcare organisation’s exact requirements. With zero-touch deployment, you can deliver devices directly to the user without creating unnecessary burden for the IT department. And with our user orientation service, we can deliver any training that’s required either on-site or remotely.


By using an enterprise management or mobile device management (MDM) solution such as Jamf Pro, we can harness automated management to empower your users and protect your data. Additionally, by enabling apps such as Alertive and Jamf Virtual Visits, we can help your hospital or healthcare organisation to work more efficiently. We only partner with the very best management vendors to provide analytics and device health monitoring that ensure your devices live up to their potential from day one – and every day after that.


At Softcat, we can also incorporate AppleCare and accessories into the hardware as part of a flexible monthly payment finance plan via Apple Financial Services. We’ll review your infrastructure to find the most suitable AppleCare cover for your organisation – and deliver the benefits of 24/7 technical support, along with protection against accidental damage.


To help you stay one step ahead, we’ll seek out the next innovation opportunity before your refresh is due. With Apple Financial Services, you can then choose to refresh, extend, return or buyout your existing devices – and adjust your terms if your needs change. This aspect of the lifecycle ensures access to the latest, high performance devices, reducing impacts on the service desk and providing better staff experiences. What’s more, at Softcat we are committed to sustainability and we currently recycle over 10,000 devices per month. As well as providing you with the maximum financial benefit from older devices when you upgrade, we’ll also help you install and configure your new products so you can continue to focus on your business priorities with no break in service.


If you use up a lot of resources managing your device lifecycle and want to focus on more strategic tasks, then Softcat’s Managed Device Lifecycle Service is for you. We understand that the increase in devices as a result of COVID-19 has exponentially impacted on the first and second line where there has been no increase in workforce. That’s why we offer fully configured devices whenever and wherever you need them as part of a simple, consumption-based and cost-effective end-to-end management service – along with the asset management of all your devices to help relieve some of the pressure.